Re: kernel list spam

Richard Gooch (rgooch@atnf.CSIRO.AU)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 09:27:11 +1100

Albert D. Cahalan writes:
> Edward Welbon writes:
> > I propose that the linux-kernel mail list be setup to exclude postings
> > from non susbscribers. This would reduce the spam to nearly zero.
> ...
> > I see no reason to be concerned that this will prevent non subscribers
> > from being able to post.
> Many of us (including myself) follow linux-kernel on the web.
> Many of us follow it on unauthorized 1-way newsgroups, some
> of which would become buggy 2-way disasters if your suggestion
> was implemented. Many of us just post oops info, and do not
> even read the list most of the time.
> If this policy was implemented and the "no news gateway" policy
> was not changed, I and many other people would need to subscribe.
> That puts more load on Many people would have
> to give up, perhaps even myself. I'm addicted to the elm mailer,
> which was never designed to handle such a flood of email.
> Perhaps Linus Torvalds could share his choice of mailer with us.
> He must get thousands of messages every day.
> Still, I like elm. I'm not about to change because I have
> memorized all of the user interface. I can type ahead without
> worry that I might delete all my mail. I simply can't deal
> with hundreds of incoming messages every day.

Use procmail and dump mailing list stuff into separate folders. I used
to get over 100 messages per *night* (i.e. I log off at midnight and
come back 8 or 9 am), plus the daytime stuff, all dumped into my
With separate mailing list folders my inbox often has only one message
per night: my nightly cron job results. Bliss :-) I find that I am
responding to personal stuff much better, and email is less