Re: linux-kernel-digest V1 #1323

John Robinson (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 11:18:30 GMT

German Jose Gomez Garcia writes ("Re: linux-kernel-digest V1 #1323"):
> Also I started testing ppp-2.3.1 and it works fine (after some patching
> to make it compatible with the new kernel and it works fine (and it
> fixes many bugs, or so say its authors :)

I've had ppp-2.3.0 on a 2.0.x machine (I wanted the demand dialling)
for several months, and though I can't say I've tested it rigourously
(ISP dialup over a Courier and ISDN Bitsurfr modem, office dialup over
the Bitsurfr with and without multi-link) I've not had any problems.

So, I'll second that in principle. If anyone wants them I also put
together network-scripts/ifup-dppp et al for my RedHat system (not
that they're much different from ifup-ppp et al).

Just my 0.5c...

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