Re: 2.1.65 seems to work fine...

Denis Karpov (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 13:55:13 +0300

hi, all.

Edward Welbon wrote:
> 2.1.65 seems to work fine. I could not get 2.1.64 to boot. It seemed
> that I could not mount my raid0 as root.
> Ed Welbon -

i have mount problems in 2.1.6x. at they say in Required
Programs upgrades that for kernels 2.1.x mount v2.6(or above) is needed.
version of mount at my linux box - 2.7. my scsi hd is mounted normally.
but when i try to mount other scsi devices - my console frezes, i mean
that mount hangs and i cannot interrupt it. am i missing something? or
probabably this is scsi problem? ( my scsi adapter: Adaptec AHA-294X
Ultra SCSI, uses aic7xxx)
and i'm constantly getting warning in boot messages: "nfs warning: mount
version older than kernel"
if you anybody knows what is making problem, please mail me.
TIA, Denis