spam - Re: $7,000 loan,No Payback Ever!!!

Steve VanDevender (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 23:03:03 -0800

Edward Welbon writes:
> I do process subscription requests by hand and disallow accounts from
> spam centric domains (like

Essentially no spam comes from itself, but a great deal of spam
is _forged_ to look like it came from (or, or, or several other popular domains) but is sent through other
systems. The web-based interfaces for and make
spamming through them rather difficult, and those domains do have a good
record of dealing with not just the few spammers who spam from them, but
even the accounts of spammers who try to use or
mailboxes for reply addresses.

Rule #1 of tracing spams: Don't even bother looking at the From:
header. These days it's always forged.