Re: Linux-2.0.32.. (OOPS)

Doug Ledford (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 16:56:51 -0600 (CST)

On 17-Nov-97 Rodney Barnett wrote:
>This time the following appeared while doing a dd from /dev/hda to
>>>EIP: 16ad55 <ide_end_request+91/114>
>Trace: 16fc39 <dma_intr+6d/b0>
>Trace: 16fc39 <dma_intr+6d/b0>
>Trace: 16cd86 <ide_intr+3e/64>
>Trace: 10ca3a <do_fast_IRQ+2a/4c>
>Trace: 10c891 <fast_IRQ15_interrupt+41/70>
>Trace: 12818f <block_read+4ab/5bc>
>Trace: 122270 <sys_read+c0/e8>
>Trace: 10a665 <system_call+55/80>
>Code: 16ad55 <ide_end_request+91/114>
>Code: 16ad55 <ide_end_request+91/114> 8b 43 20 movl 0x20(%ebx),%eax
>Code: 16ad58 <ide_end_request+94/114> c1 e8 09 shrl $0x9,%eax
>Code: 16ad5b <ide_end_request+97/114> 89 46 18 movl %eax,0x18(%esi)
>Code: 16ad5e <ide_end_request+9a/114> 39 46 14 cmpl %eax,0x14(%esi)
>Code: 16ad67 <ide_end_request+a3/114> 73 10 jae 16ad73
>Code: 16ad69 <ide_end_request+a5/114> 89 46 14 movl %eax,0x14(%esi)
>Code: 16ad6c <ide_end_request+a8/114> 68 ac 69 00 90 pushl $0x900069ac
>Code: 16ad77 <ide_end_request+b3/114> 90 nop
>Code: 16ad78 <ide_end_request+b4/114> 90 nop

This all appears to stem from the IDE code, which hasn't changed from 2.0.31
to 2.0.32. Is there anything else different in you system (maybe different
compile options) that could trigger this (or did this occur with earlier
kernels as well)?

E-Mail: Doug Ledford <>
Date: 17-Nov-97
Time: 16:56:55