Re: Linux Stability & cold.system

Matthew Kirkwood (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 21:58:19 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Adam D. Bradley wrote:

> > So, some people (myself included) have put forth some ideas on some way
> > of actually MEASURING the stability of kernels. One of my favorite was
> > one somebody else mentioned: have a utility kind of like the 'make
> > check' things that come with bash that tests the kernel currently
> > running for stability, memory leaks, etc. I know people have
> > "kernel-killers" out there :) If some standard test suite were
> > available, then everyone could upload their results.
> I've been (unofficially, of course) collecting stress scripts since a
> similar thread back in September. I'm hoping to put together a
> package of them around Christmastime for everyone's enjoyment.
> Naturally, I'm looking for additional suggestions from everyone on the
> list; what are the "killer scripts" and other killer workload
> generators you use to torture those "small, fuzzy kernels"? ;-)

My favourite stress tester is repeated kernel compiles, plus the same
again in a chroot'ed mount-point. This mount-point is mounted via NFS
from the same box.

It's more of a hardware test than anything else (although I suppose it
uses the fs code a fair bit :-), so you'd obviously want to add some big
ftp sessions in the background, fire up X/netscrape, and perhaps play a
bit of quake (with about 1 frame/min by this stage :).

Anyone else have useful sadistic tricks?