Re: Linux Stability & cold.system

Benjamin Redelings (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:09:08 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for all the information and replies to my query. If you
don't mind, could you people repost your replies to cold.system also?
(cold.system is the newsgroup comp.os.linux.development.system.) Some
people on that group are thinking of getting together and starting to
collect stuff for a kernel-validation suite of some kind or other.
I think it would be very helpful to have some kind of OFFICIAL
testing suite. The good that about an official suite would be that
everything anybody finds BUILDS on what is already there, so the suite
would eventually become pretty comprehensive. Or at least it will be
KNOWN what it doesn't cover. I think it would be cool to see something
like "Linux Kernel-Testing Suite 0.16". Or different people could have
there own suites which might eventually get merged: for example "Dave's
kernel tester v1.06" or "SMP tester 0.9" or "
These suites could be made quite user-friendly... they might even
automatically e-mail the results to the maintainer in a NICE format, which
would probably increase the number of bug reports drastically :)
Perhaps this project should be associated with LMP? I don't know.
In any case, I hope it works, because I don't have enough time to
actually DEVELOP testing suites, but I DO have time to RUN them!

May the force be with us,