[k]nfsd, nfs and security questions

Lorenzo M. Catucci (lorenzo@argon.roma2.infn.it)
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 19:01:37 +0100 (CET)

Dear k-h,
please answer to a couple of questions:

1. did someone test Enskip with latest 2.1 kernels?
2. does the new nfs server/client code work over tcp, or do we still face
the udp only client status?
3. does the knsf work (well, almost well) with secure IP schemes like the
ones in SKIP or in IPsec?
4. is it possible, when using the kernel server, to have its packets
redirected to some local IP port, to have them reencapsulated by some
(user space) daemon like sshd?
5. while we all know that secure RPC is a misnomer, since the only secure
part is the host authentication, and all of the data runs over the wire
as cleartext, what is the exact status of the Sec. RPC kernel support?