Proprietary CD-ROM drivers

Erik Andersen (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 09:41:26 -0700 (MST)

I while back (late August), I asked for people using any of the
proprietary CD-ROM drivers to let me know. I got a pretty good response,
suggesting that these drivers are still important. Now I need some help,
presumably from the same group of people.

I have been working on the kernel CD-ROM drive support for a while now,
and I have a patch against 2.1.64 on my web page at:

This patch updates the Uniform CD-ROM driver, moves all the
proprietary cdrom driver header files to linux/drivers/block/cdrom, does a
major clean-up of cdrom.h, updates ide-cd (which I maintain) contains a
preliminary port of mcd to the Uniform CD-ROM driver (works for my old
drive), has preliminary (read untested) ports of a few other cdrom
drivers, and a few other nice things. Unfortunatly, it is not finished

I am beginning to realize that in order to get all the proprietary CD-ROM
drivers ported to the uniform CD-ROM driver, I am going to need some help.
I simply do not have enough time to do all the work myself before 2.2
will be released. If I do not get help, I certainly will not have the
time to fix up the bugs in ide-cd I know about, and start adding support
for CD-R/W (everybody wants this, right?). What I am asking is for people
with a proprietary CD-ROM drive to apply my patch, port the driver they
use for their drive to the Uniform CD-ROM driver, and then send me the
patch. To avoid duplication, please let me know of your intention to
help so I can help coordinate people working on a particular driver.

Documentation on the Uniform CD-ROM driver and how to port drivers to it
is contained in linux/Documentation/cdrom/cdrom-standard.tex. I have
updated this documentation in my patch to reflect the updates I have
made. The porting process is not difficult, so I hope I can get some
parallel work going on this. Thanks for your help,


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