Re: Fuzzy textmode

Joerg Pommnitz (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 15:09:48 +0100

So what's the point?
The current Linux kernel does not really touch the VGA
registers. This is all done in user space (from the X
server or tools like vgatextmode). If these programs
fail to work, this is a bug in these programs, not in
the Linux kernel (some people disagree and started the
GGI project).


Martin Maciaszek wrote:
> I've been playing with the textmodes of the kernel. This problem semms
> to occur in all versions of kernels (I tried it with 2.0.29-2.0.31,
> 2.1.59-2.1.64). After cold booting my computer the 132x43 mode works
> fine. After starting and leaving X(free86-3.3.1) the characters become
> "fuzzy". This also occurs when I leave Win95 (restart) and boot into
> linux (no loadlin! I'm using lilo) or when I played a game in dos-mode.
> It seems that some registers of my graphics cards aren't restored
> properly. I'm using a SPEA Mercry P64 V.
> Regards
> Martin