New Small Cyrix patch

Andre Derrick Balsa (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 14:23:14 +0100


I have produced a new small patch for Linux/6x86 users. The URL is

It should patch cleanly against 2.0.x kernels and stock 2.1.6x kernels,
although I have only tested it against 2.0.29.

This patch will:

1) Correctly reset the 6x86(L) SLOP flag so that bogomips are correctly
calculated on boot (on 6x86 CPUs, bogomips should _always_ be reported
as the core clock rate +/- 1 MHz).
2) Correctly identify and report _all_ 6x86 CPU models and steppings in
/proc/cpuinfo. This is new code _not_ based on Mike Jagdis' patch, so
reports of (pos/neg) results are welcome.
3) Workaround the oops caused by time.c when handling 6x86MX chips.

This patch will _not_:

a) Implement VSPM.
b) Add more options for kernel compilation.
c) Set any performance features.
d) Set SUSPEND_ON_HALT for lower power consumption when the CPU is idle.
e) Address the 6x86 Coma bug.

For a) and b) refer to Mike Jagdis' excellent 2.1.39 patch.
For c), d) and e) use set6x86 as explained on the Linux/6x86 Web site.

Andrew D. Balsa
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