Re: CD-ROM support question.

Isaac Connor (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 02:04:23 -0500 (EST)

> setup) but it would be far easier to detect the CD-ROM insertion than it
> would be to monitor the mount point access. Although you would not
> *need* the cdrom to be mounted at all times, it certainly wouldn't harm
> things. And since the 'eject' button can already be blocked when a
> CD-ROM is mounted, I'd assume that you can set up an alternate handler
> for the 'eject' press to unmount (or not, if it's in use) the drive.

Now that you mention this, I agree with you.

> I'd just also like to mention that a BSD clone I was using for the Power
> Mac a while back had this. It was called 'mountd' and was run as a
> daemon process. (Obviously) In addition to CD-ROMs, it handled all
> 'ejectable' mediums (which, on the Mac, included all the floppy drives)
> and worked with the fstab (I think) Don't know if it can be handled this
> way in Linux, I'm not an expert in this functionality nor do I have the
> time to check, unfortunately. But, maybe... just maybe, in the long run
> it would be good to have this sort of thing be doable, somehow, for the
> non-UNIX savvy that may grace our humble OS.

Yeah, this should also happen in some way for floppies...or at least it
would be really nice to have for floppies..., and any other removable

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