Re: Linux-2.0.32..

Florian Weimer (
17 Nov 1997 07:58:34 +0100


Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> There may well still be some problems hiding somewhere, but I suspect many
> people will be happier with an official 2.0.x release that fixes both the
> Pentium bug and the network fragment bug even if there are small details
> with the Pentium bug that may need looking into.

A few weeks ago (just before 2.0.31 ;-), I reported a bug in the vfat
filesystem: if you use rename(2) to change filenames from upper to
lower case, you'll end up with a severely screwed up filesystem with
cross-linked clusters. Shouldn't this problem be addressed in 2.0.32
as well? (Unfortunately, the article containing a short patch, which
made rename(2) return an errror in such cases, has alrady expired from
my linux-kernel archive.)