System Hangs

FOONET Administrator (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 16:25:28 -0600

I have experienced many system hangs in the last few days even after
applying the IP Frag patch.. I found out the reason that I got a system hang
when someone used "smurf" to attack the machine .. it was getting icmp echo
replies from about 500 different hosts about 17megabits/sec . as SOON as the
eth0 went up the machine would lock up.. it wouldn't even finish booting
because as soon as the eth0 was activated it would dead lock. Is this a
problem with the kernel or a problem with the 3c90x.c driver ?
Kernel 2.0.32 pre - 5 with ip frag patch K6 233 128MB ram
3com 3c905 100BTX Card PCI
It's on a 10 megabit non switching hub right now.
Is there any way to specify the mode of the card during bootup with lilo?
Can I disable bus mastering?
Any ideas on what would cause this??

I finally found a way to make it lock up every single time by sending this
stream of data.. Any ideas would be appreciated!