Re: AW: NON IRQ DEADLOCK in 2.0.31

Christopher E. Brown (cbrown@Alaska.NET)
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 07:03:17 -0900 (AKST)

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Rob Hagopian wrote:

> The physical machine is sitting in a 6x deg cold room with OEM heatsink
> and fan attachments (with a good deal of heatsink compound which I added),
> and 2 fans (220V West German metal fans, each used to cool an enclosure
> for four 5.25" FH drives and a power supply) pointed directly at them.

Just a side note here, but "a good deal of heatsink compound" is
not a good thing. The idea with using thermal compound is to maximize
surface to surface contact, the compound is only there to fill all the
minute air gaps caused by the imperfect surfaces. Thermal compound is a
much better thermal conductor than air, but not as good as direct contact,
the proper way is to use as little compound as is needed to *lightly* coat
the surfaces, not to use so much as to leave the heatsink floating on a
pad of compound.

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