My desires for 2.2

Lorenzo M. Catucci (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 10:06:15 +0100 (CET)

Dear readers,
I see the code freeze is somewhat slower than Linus thought, and I
think this is nice too... since I am now able to tell these desires in

1. Please, tell me how to know about the ext2 ACL effort, and consider
putting its results to a thorough check[1]. I think ACL could be the best
``marketing move'' for Linux, and gain a very useful and flexible security

1.a ext2 undelete support... help me with stupid users, like the one who
did an rm -r on his own home directory (it was myself some year ago,
but have been lucky enough since I made a backup the previus day)

1.b ext2 compression support... bigger drives get more files, and fill

1.c these two have a lesser status than ACL: if we have to trade ACL for
undelete or compress, keep ACL, and trade the other party in the

2. Does someone know the status of the last CLONE_PID patch I read about?
Proper thread handling could be a nice marketing weapon too

3. kernel support for MSR on (at least) Pentia and Alpha

4. I don't care that much about very big files, but I'd hate hearing some
`your OS doesn't fit, since it cannot make/read over 2G files...' (but how
does this apply to my 3 G system???)

5. That symlink fix!!! We have really enough security problems with
hackers who aren't enough brave and mighty to write kernels, and whose
sole game is to get in other's system to have them running unauthorized
IRC servers...