Re: Zombie request-route with 2.0.31`

Olaf Titz (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 15:29:08 +0100

> Based on some valid race condition premises, and demonstrated exploit
> techniques including code sent to bugtraq.

The usual approach to such bugs, however, is to fix the bugs, rather than
remove the features which are affected by the bugs. We don't remove the
msdos filesystem either just because it contains race conditions and an
inferior replacement is available.

> The diald snooping approach applies for arbitary routing situations.

Is it possible to have two default routes (less specific: two routes with
the same destination/mask) to different devices/gateways with different
priorities/metrics and have the kernel choose the better one? Else it isn't
possible to change the default route on demand _reliably_, with having a
fallback to the diald "approach" daemon (i.e. diald as of now can't do it
anyway) which is re-activated whenever the newly activated default goes