Re: Pentium LIVES

J.P. Racine (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 08:02:19 -0500

Wouldn't it have been the responsable thing for Intel to have done what
you are doing in the first place? :)

Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> I ran my test program on the 2.1.63 kernel. The fix works! I also
> have a 64-bit random-number generator running on another machine
> to check for other problems on the Pentium. Without the prefix, one
> has to be careful because a loop-forever is possible. I fix this with
> an alarm-clock timeout of the child. Basically, I have been executing
> 64-bits of random garbage (with the known sequences excluded). This
> has been running since 3-AM. I will run this for several weeks or
> until another bad sequence is found. The machine it's running on is
> presently not in use otherwise.
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