Re: Software Borker

Robert Kiesling (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 14:43:41 -0500 (CDT)

[significant snips]

> Raul Miller writes:

> Here's the concept: source code broker doesn't charge anything to
> the people providing source, but charges clients who order the
> source the nominal distribution charge. People who want to use
> FSF software but not distribute source send a copy off to the
> source code broker, who takes responsibility for the re-distribution
> of the result.
> Ok, I'll offer my services as a source code broker (see, you can't
> say they don't exist any more).

Excuse me, but doesn't the GPL only state that software vendors must make
the source code available, but don't actually have to distribute it?
Wouldn't it be all right good for a software vendor to tell the client,
that he can find the code for package XXX at

I could be wrong about this. If so, good luck with your new venture. :)


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