Re: Is pre-patch-2.0.31-10 the same as pre-patch-2.0.31-9 + p10-2?

Benny Amorsen (
30 Sep 1997 19:14:40 +0200

>>>>> "FS" == Franz Sirl <> writes:

FS> Aaah! So the following gpm GP might not be hardware related (Asus
FS> TP4XE board BIOS 2.02, Logitech PS/2 mouse)? Also if I move the
FS> mouse if gpm is not loaded, the keyboard locks up.

FS> But... nearly the same setup worked on a Asus XPT2P4 board, only
FS> some PCI-cards differ:

FS> TP4 (locks up with PS2 mouse): SPEA Mercury P64 SMC9332 (21141)
FS> Cogent964 (1*21050, 4*21040) SYM8751SP

I can reproduce on a TP4 board. It seems to be a hardware problem, as
boards not from the TP4 series work just fine. As we only have one of
those boards left, I have just ignored the problem. I think I reported
it a long time ago on the kernel list.