Logical Volume Manager

Heinz Mauelshagen (mauelsha@ez-darmstadt.telekom.de)
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 17:37:16 METDST

I've developed a logical volume manager for Linux (2.0.29 - 2.0.30-preX and
2.1.57) which is in its alpha tests.

Before you ask: i'll release it to the list in the near future.

It can handle upt to hundreds of IDE/SCSI disk in up to 8 volume groups
with up to 31 logical volumes each.
AFAIK size limits are those of linux (Terabyte per disk area?).

Because logical volumes (LVs) can be resized at runtime i need a filesystem
(FS) feature which enables ext2 to be extended/reduced while its mounted too.
This could be an extension to tunefs or a separate FS administration tool.

It should work like this:
AFTER extending a LV the contained filesystem should be linear
extentable (superblocks etc.) beyond the old FS limit.

BEFORE reduction of the LV the FS should be shrinkable (moving user data
and reducing metadata) from its actual end to the new LV size.

Can somebody help me with code... :-)


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