Re: Linux (free s/w) support

Tethys (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 10:19:43 +0100

>If I were a Sun customer, with a support agreement/contract, I could say
>to them "there's this rsh-ioctl problem and I need a fix" and if they don't
>then they've got have a good reason why not. They may even supply me with
>a "test-patch" (which don't get released to the general public). Basically
>they answer to customer demand and posting things to bugtraq is not the same
>as a customer with a problem logging a support call.

Yes, but Sun's idea of a "good reason" could be "because we don't want to".
And you have no comeback if they say that -- read the small print in your
support contract.

>If I have a prlbem with Linux, I have no _guarantee_ that anyone will look at
>it, never mind actually solve it. If it's a priority 1 problem for me and
>I receive no support from the Linux camp, how good does it sound to explain
>to management "I posted the problem a week ago, but no response." ? It's
>the guarantee of some sort of support service which management need. ie.
>they can yell at someone else and get a head kicked if nothing happens.
>Who's going to do that for Linux ?

What you should be explaining to management is that "I'm too stupid to buy
a support contract for my mission critical system because I can *usually*
get it fixed on the net for free". Had you bought the contract, you could
complain to Caldera, Craftworks or whoever else you choose to go with.

You'd probably get better support than from Sun as well -- Linux still has
to prove itself to the commercial world, and it's in the interest of the
support company to get faults fixed, quickly. Sun doesn't have anything to
prove, and (from experience) won't always fix things just because you have
a problem with them.


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