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Brian (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 00:43:02 -0600 (MDT)

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, linux kernel account wrote:

> > Free software is only supported if someone actually wants to support it.
> > Linux is just lucky there are enough people interested in it to fix most
> > of the problems.

Many people don't do increible things just because they're getting
paid.. Reseachers don't spend half their lives looking for an answer to
something or discovering something just because someone pays them hourly
wage.. Keep in mind though that for theses types of work that we still
need financil security.. Linux is a os derived from people working
together to create something that is kickass.. From what I heard of Linus
is that
Linux kernel was just project he worked on out of fun.. He soon realized
what it had
become.. Others soon realized this.. People volunteered their time and
knowledge to make Linux what it is today.. Theses people are not soely
here to be mercinary's.. Sometimes people do things that do not come with
financil gain.. I'm sure though that the only thing that linux volunteers
want is to be recognized, and to not have their work be ripped off by M$..

Just because someone puts a price on software doesn't mean its any good
or serves a purpose.. Sometimes looks betray as we see in M$ 95/NT..

> Commercial Software is only supported when you pay people to be intrested.
> At least with Free stuff you dont always have to pay.
> > If I were a Sun customer, with a support agreement/contract, I could say
> > to them "there's this rsh-ioctl problem and I need a fix" and if they don't
> > then they've got have a good reason why not. They may even supply me with
> > a "test-patch" (which don't get released to the general public). Basically
> > they answer to customer demand and posting things to bugtraq is not the same
> > as a customer with a problem logging a support call.
> And how much does this contract cost?
> > If I have a prlbem with Linux, I have no _guarantee_ that anyone will look at
> > it, never mind actually solve it. If it's a priority 1 problem for me and
> > I receive no support from the Linux camp, how good does it sound to explain

Sheesh i'd never pay the price of the phone call it takes to get tech
support from M$..
> > to management "I posted the problem a week ago, but no response." ? It's
> > the guarantee of some sort of support service which management need. ie.
> > they can yell at someone else and get a head kicked if nothing happens.
> > Who's going to do that for Linux ?
It is true that Linux doesn't come fully with 50+ books of
documentation, but keep in mind Linux is free.. you do not pay XXX,XXX$
for it.. Its is basically a must for a client to pay a big price tag for a
operating system to get support and lots of documentation..

I'm not sure what you had a problem with.. First thing is to see if
there is a manual page on it, howto, doc.. offers lots of
howto's for the most common subjects.. One should get use to figuring out
things for themself.. Its all to easy for an individual to come running
and asking a question that could have been easily answered by a man
page. Or possibly alittle bit of thinking..

> Just give a free software person the same kind of compentation that you
> would give sun.. If you offer money, I'm sure you'll find tons of people
> offering to help. At least with free stuff, you've got a chance getting
> support free..
I've seen a couple of people whom use NT that attack Linux because its
"free".. Wondering how a free OS can be any good.. Sorry man, but I found
Linux, it does all that NT can do and much much more.. Books by great
authors of past times didn't always get paid for their master peices.. nor
charged for them.. Its something of love for something.. Serves as an
example I think of why Linux doesn't cost $$,$$$.$$.

NT is shit.. People maybe able to run it for simple networking tasks, but
for now it can't do
half the shit Linux or *nix can do.. To bring up one note.. Do you want to
pay 500$ for student version of borland c++ for win95? I find gcc g++ cc
really handy.. Anyway try not harping on the idea that Linux is crap just
because its free. think your missing on what your saying.. "You are
wanting to pay big bucks for something that is less of a os than you could
get with Linux"?

Oh and so your just going to give up on Linux just because you can't
call up a techy? Isn't that sort of stupid?

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