Re: Process Migration on Linux - Impossible?

Fabio Olive Leite (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 17:54:20 -0300 (EST)

Hi there,

> Fabio clearly wrote about moving a running process from one machine to
> another, so I assume my hint is of no value to him but still: If you
> only want CPU bound processes executed remotely over the net, you can
> always look at MPI (message passing interface) and if my fading memory
> serves me right, there's a free implementation called Mpich. I once
> compiled it on my Linux box and got the 'hello world' to compile but
> that was just for fun since I have only one computer anyway.

That's right, but I want to migrate any process, and have their syscalls
redirected if they can't be resolved on the target machine (getpid like
syscalls, and those on memory allocation, for example).

I'll take a look at MPI to derive ideas, anyway.

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