Re: Process Migration on Linux - Impossible?

Fabio Olive Leite (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 17:51:21 -0300 (EST)


> The Condor package - - supports
> process migration; I think you need to relink binaries to get
> full support for some features. Info on the Linux port is
> at

Thanks, I'll take a look. Anyway, I'd like to reinforce that I intend to
do migration on any process a user might be running, without the need to
relink with special libraries. That's why I'm doing it on the kernel.

> I don't know much about the specifics, but the first URL has
> pointers to FAQs, technical documentation, and other info
> that could be useful if you're trying to implement this sort
> of thing.
> Hope this helps,

Sure does, thanks.

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