Re: Solaris 2.6 and Linux

Alan Cox (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 19:26:48 +0100 (BST)

> >files... in about 30 minutes. Then delete them all in just over 3 minutes!!
> >And that was with 2.0.29 ... sans dcache.
> This is an unfair comparision, because Solaris writes out metadata
> synchronously and Linux asynchronously.

If you run a news server its a totally fair comparison. You have to ask why
Solaris is writing its metadata synchronously.

> Write those 100000 files on Linux and turn off the power in the
> middle of the process. Do the same on the Solaris box. And then
> look what fsck does on both boxes...

It shows yet again why Linux is the better idea. The solaris box will come
back with a very clean inode and file structure and files that are apparently
correct potentially containing invalid data. Linux will lose some of the files
and restore its file structure safely.

So what is your point ?