Re: 2.1.57, read/write wait queue active!

Bill Hawes (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 08:08:31 -0400

Jason wrote:
> I'm running 2.1.57 with the Joliet/FAT32 extensions.
> I was running XFree under heavy CPU load (playing an mp3 stream)
> I resized an rxvt window, which crashed and performance nosedived.
> I managed to get back to a text console, which was constantly
> spewing the following message:
> release_dev: pty1: read/write wait queue active!

Hmm, very interesting. The message means a tty (pty in this case) is
trying to close, but some task is still queued for read or write. It
wakes up the readers and writers, and they're _supposed_ to unqueue
themselves right away.

I'm not sure what release_dev should do if it can't get a task out of
the wait queue -- maybe try sleeping for progressively longer intervals?