Re: Binutils

Mark Habersack (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 12:13:53 +0200 (MET DST)

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Steve Przepiora wrote:

> On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Mark Habersack wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Steve Przepiora wrote:
> >Right, but still it's a glitch IMHO.
> ..and how is this a glitch, the doc said to run that when you install the
> new binutils, had you run it, the "glitch" wouldnt have happened, atleast
> it didnt for me...
OK. Here's why I have written that posting: people keep buggin' me why does
linux compilation fail with the new binutils. Well, I was telling them to
either (a) RTFM or (b) exactly what they have to do to make the compilation
successful. The problem here is that not all people I work with know know
English, and thus they have to _ask_ - and I'm getting tired of this ;-)).
Well, I just thought that fixing the problem would be easier and less time
wasting than answering these questions and postings like mine. It's just that
people _don't_ read readme's nor manuals, they also don't _think_ in many
cases. Instead they go with such stupid matters to the people who are said to
"know where it grows". Well, such was my motivation.