Re: Commercial Use of GPLed software.

Dirk H Hohndel (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 06:59:42 +0200

Alex Belits writes:
> On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, linux kernel account wrote:
> > Is XF86 GPLed? Novell has ported it to netware (so you can run java
> > crap).. I dont think they include it with anything (other then the
> > developers CD set) but you can download it..
> XF86 inherits X Consortium license that is now transferred to Open Group
> aka X/Open and "almost aka" OSF (known for Motif, CDE and other poorly
> written things, POSIX and other stnadards, etc.). Basically it's the same
> as BSD license, but I am not a lawyer to tell if there is any difference.

Neither am I. What I can tell you is that XFree86 is free software in
the sense that you can do basically anything with it, except claiming
that you have written it.

Novell has been in contact with us about their plans.

> Definitely no part of X11 or XF86 is GPL'ed, and original X11 distribution
> is used as the base for every commercial X11 implementation that I know
> about (even though they don't use XF86 servers).

No, in fact Novell is using XFree86 sources, and even partly
unreleased sources for their product.


PS: may I ask what this has to do with Linux kernel?