making smbfs a module in 2.1.57

Marty Leisner (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 21:05:24 PDT

I applied the interim patch to 2.1.57 Volker supplied...

I get this when I make a module:
: leisner@compaq;insmod ./smbfs.o
./smbfs.o: unresolved symbol __free_page
./smbfs.o: unresolved symbol shrink_dcache_sb
./smbfs.o: unresolved symbol bad_inode_ops
./smbfs.o: unresolved symbol truncate_inode_pages

(before I got only the first line and shrink_dcache) when I tried
to modulize...)

I also wonder why we needed to make a symbol like __free_page?
__ is reserved for implementations...and it looks very

I suppose this is more to put in ksyms.c?

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