Re: 2.0.31-pre10 serial driver problem

Steven S. Dick (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:02:42 -0400 (EDT)

Tom Oehser <> wrote:
>I got the following in pre-10, after which the device was unusable:
> Warning: bad magic number for tty struct (04:42) in release_dev
> Sep 25 22:32:16 6M kernel:
> rs_close: bad serial port count; tty->count is 1, info->count is 2

Oh good, I thought it was just me. I also got a bunch of these,
out of 2.0.31pre10-2, not the final release of 10.
I've not seen them in previous versions of pre-31.

This made /dev/tty1 unusable. I couldn't echo to it, although
keys typed at the console were echoed. Getty kept respawning & dying...
At the time the console crashed, I had just exited emacs.

This may have been preceeded by an oops, but I apparently didn't save the
logs from it. I've been working in X (coincidently) since, so I haven't
seen the problem again.