Re: v2.1.57: Filesystem Special Effects ....

Myrdraal (
Sat, 27 Sep 1997 17:10:10 -0400

On Sat, Sep 27, 1997 at 10:27:29PM -0000, Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> I have some "special effects" here with my linux.
> Doing a
> ls -l
> produces filenames like
> bz2=01;31mwwwoffle-1.3.tgz
> "ls -Ql" produces
> bz2=01;31m"wwwoffle-1.3.tgz"
> so the garbage has not become part of the filename,
> filename completion don't recognize the garbage...
> And: After terminating X, the filenames are correct.
> Entering X again, produces the special effects again,
> sometimes with other files.
> that X isn't the problem, the bash is used
> in both cases.
Those appear to be mangled ANSI codes. Perhaps your terminal emulation
is screwed up somehow so it is not interpreting them?