[off topic] Re: Name and e-mail address of linuxhq maintainer

ADAM Sulmicki (adam@cfar.umd.edu)
Sat, 27 Sep 1997 16:00:43 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 27 Sep 1997, Thomas Schenk wrote:

->Then get ready to agree completely. After communicating with Mark, he
->restored from tape backups the mailing list archives that he had been
->archiving (about 50M worth of compressed data) and created an account
->for me so that I could retrieve them from his site. He didn't give me
->all of the old data from his site, but I didn't ask for it either and
->I believe that he probably would have had I asked.

->Now tell me. Would you create an account on a machine that you were
->responsible for and give it to a person whom you had never met and whom
->you had never even corresponded with before? I don't think so.

Okay, then I take back all what I said before.

Still what I was hoping to see was descriptions of new features in
kernels, and patches, it is what I miss most.

As of linux-kernel mailing list, you could ask me for them I think I have
a backup of them for time twice as long as www.linuxhq.com ever existed ..
available via T3. I also have copy of several other linux and XFree86
related mailings list.

I probably would not give you account, it is just matter of rules which
every admin (should) follow. but I do can put them on anonymous ftp site.
I think it is around 200mb or so worth stuff. Personally I don't see diff
in what you could not do from anynomous ftp site that you would need

.procmailrc:* ^From owner-linux-kernel-outgoing@vger.rutgers.edu
.procmailrc:* ^From owner-linux-kernel-patch-outgoing@vger.rutgers.edu
.procmailrc:* ^From owner-linux-laptop-outgoing@vger.rutgers.edu
.procmailrc:* ^From owner-linux-net-outgoing@vger.rutgers.edu
.procmailrc:* ^From owner-linux-x11-outgoing@vger.rutgers.edu
.procmailrc:* ^From owner-sparclinux-outgoing@vger.rutgers.edu

I could put them on web as searchable archie.. but 1) did not have time to
do that 2) there are plenty of other archies which already do that
3) it is not what the linuxhq was most famus from.

>I also see no reason why he shouldn't have tried to make some money off
>of his site. This attitude among some Linux users that noone should try
>to make money off of Linux or Linux related services is ludicrous. I
>don't see them complaining about RedHat or Caldera or any of the other
>distributors. Why is running a web site any different?

I never said I think it was anything bad, I just mentioned it before as
possible one of reasons fact that the www.linuxhq.com ceased to exist...
but as I said before I take it all back.

And for end, why www.linuxhq.com not www.linuxhq.org ?