Re: Solaris 2.6 and Linux

H. Peter Anvin (
27 Sep 1997 18:32:31 GMT

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By author: "Jeffrey B. Siegal" <>
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> FSF-style Free Software (Linux included) carries an unacceptable cost
> for most embedded systems: the need to distribute source. No one wants
> to distribute source code for the embedded control system for every
> device they manufacture and distribute (think microwave ovens, cars,
> elevators, VCRs, etc.).
> Its not that its a secret, its just that its a pain in the ass.
> I discussed making an exception for this case with RMS several years
> ago, and although he didn't object to it philosophically, no one was
> willing to invest the necessary effort to properly draft the appropriate
> language for the GPL.

Note that they don't have to distribute source per se: they only have
to offer to do so within three years, and are allowed to charge for


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