Re: Solaris 2.6 and Linux

Jeffrey B. Siegal (
Sat, 27 Sep 1997 11:05:13 -0700

At least for Linux/MIPS a significant fraction of the people
in using it for new hardware want Linux for their embedded
systems of
various types. For the embedded market the price/performance
ratio is
very important and that's exactly the point where nothing can
Free Software.

FSF-style Free Software (Linux included) carries an unacceptable cost
for most embedded systems: the need to distribute source. No one wants
to distribute source code for the embedded control system for every
device they manufacture and distribute (think microwave ovens, cars,
elevators, VCRs, etc.).

Its not that its a secret, its just that its a pain in the ass.

I discussed making an exception for this case with RMS several years
ago, and although he didn't object to it philosophically, no one was
willing to invest the necessary effort to properly draft the appropriate
language for the GPL.