Re: Name and e-mail address of linuxhq maintainer

Zlatko Calusic (
26 Sep 1997 20:58:18 +0200

ADAM Sulmicki <> writes:

> 'whois' ... but still I don't think he will do that b/c:
> 1) he was hoping to make money of that, but that failed so he shut it
> down.

That's not true. You're making a big liar of yourself.

These are the words of the maintainer himself, so could you please
check if you have some problems with your logic:

> On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > There are rumors of your site's demise ( -- I
> > certainly can't reach it. Internic shows this as contact information,
> > you might care to confirm or deny, we miss you.
> Unfortunately, the rumors are true, the site is gone. I'm sure the
> next question is why??? Here's the story:
> LinuxHQ has been my little pet project for over a year, and it has
> been a very enjoyable venture. Recently, the company I work for
> bought another company in California (I'm in Texas). I now spend
> about 75% of my time traveling and it is simply impossible for me to
> keep the site updated with the rapid changes that take place with
> Linux development.
> I tried for a few weeks to pull it off, but between long distance
> phone calls into my system and not having any access, it simply didn't
> work.
> I've received several emails (hundreds) asking why the site was so out
> of date, many were asking politely but most were more angry that I
> hadn't kept up the system.
> I've tried many times to recruit some help, but it has never panned
> out. So, In light of the fact that I am no longer in a position to
> maintain the site and it was also costing me a little over $350 per
> month to maintain the connection and ISDN line, I decided it was time
> to shut it down. If I couldn't do it right, I didn't see any reason
> in doing it at all.
> I'm leaving again for two more weeks later today and won't have access
> to email for that time. I hope that folks will understand why it had
> to come to an end and hopefully someday I'll be able to provide a
> little bit back to the Linux community again.
> BTW, the domain will be removed as well, if someone else
> wants to try and pickup where I left off, the domain should be
> available in a few days thru internic.
> Thank you for your query, I hope I've answered your questions to your
> satisfaction. I'll miss the interaction I had with all the Linux
> users and developers, I have certainly gained much from the experience
> and hope that I've been able to help others along the way.
> Good Luck!
> --
> Mark Evans

(I'm sorry for reposting this on the list, but I just could't stand
false accusations.)

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