Re: Solaris 2.6 and Linux

Russell Berry (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 09:29:44 -0400 (EDT)

my ultra enterprise 2, dual 200Mhz sparc beast at work has a UPS, my P60 linux
box that I use there does not. We've had many power outtages. Twice the
outtages have gone longer than the ultra's UPS battery. The first time I ONLY
had to re-install 2.6 after re-making the filesystems on the disks. The second
time, I had to get a new prom chip from Sun. I must admit that fsck on the
Linux box has caused problems, it once deleted my Xgalaga scores file, but I
recovered it from the lost+found dir. :)


On 25-Sep-97 Felix Schroeter wrote:
>In article <> you write:
>>I got a flier and laughed at the "filesystem 80x faster" crap... That should
>>make it about as fast as FAT12 on a 386-40. After watching a 110MHz uSparc
>>based Sparc5 take 9 hrs to delete 100000 zero length files in an 8MB
>>directory under 2.5.1. I made my Dual-P200 make an 8MB directory with 100000
>>files... in about 30 minutes. Then delete them all in just over 3 minutes!!
>>And that was with 2.0.29 ... sans dcache.
>This is an unfair comparision, because Solaris writes out metadata
>synchronously and Linux asynchronously.
>Write those 100000 files on Linux and turn off the power in the
>middle of the process. Do the same on the Solaris box. And then
>look what fsck does on both boxes...
>Regards, Felix.

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