new PPSkit-0.3.1 (Linux 2.0 PPS patch) released

Ulrich Windl (
26 Sep 1997 06:50:08 -0500

I'm glad to bring this new stuff before the week-end:

I have discovered some serious errors in the old Linux code. Since
thes last version of the patch mainly adjtimex() has been changed; the
PPS routine and the serial driver are the same.

I'd recommend everybody to try this patch; even those not having a PPS

The files is available as

>From the NEWS file:

NEWS for 0.3.1

+ A new version of enable_pps.c with more consistent status reporting
and some new options is provided.

+ Minor cosmetic changes.

+ Fixed some bugs in adjtimex():

* STA_UNSYNC causes TIME_ERROR to be returned (as per memorandum).

* Using ADJ_FREQUENCY automatically adds pps_freq (as per

* When not doing a plain old adjtime() the required offset is
returned in the corresponding field now (as per memorandum).

* The time returned by adjtimex() will include the time offset to
improve the resolution (as per memorandum).

* The jitter returned will be in microseconds and no longer in
scaled microseconds (as per memorandum).

+ Changed constant ``MAXFREQ'' in <linux/timex.h> to really 200ppm.

+ Included file with patch and description for "completely mad time".

+ Include a patch to make xntpd's PPS driver work for Linux. This
patch is an ugly hack, but it seems to do the job until we have
solved all the other problems.

Ulrich Windl