problem with named pipes

Jan-Patrick Perisse (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 19:49:31 -0300

I have made up a daemon that hears to a named pipe (FIFO) and executes what
it hears as shell commands.
I have noticed strange things when using it:
1-When the system comes back from a reboot, or when I had just turned it on,
the first ccommands aI send to the pipe are executed twice. After a few
operations, it works normally.
2-Sometimes the daemon stops hearing but neither dies nor reports any errors.
In that situation killing the daemon and starting again makes it execute
the commands that were in the pipe.
I have been using it with no problem for a year. It seems that these problems
started when I upgraded my linux to slackware distribution 3.2.

If one willing to help wants to take a look at the daemon C code, pleas ask.


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