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Jelle Kalf (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 11:09:51 +0200

Costas Giannacoulis wrote:
> Hello
> I'm having some problems trying to install a Parallel Zip Drive.
> I've read in the HOWTO's mini that you must compile the kernel with
> Parralel printer support and Scsi low level driver (for Iomega's parallel
> zip) as modules.
> After i've done it,i've installed the Jazip rpm which puts a script
> ( in the etc/rc.d directory which is called from rc.sysinit.
> During the startup process,no scsi host is found and the output from the
> script says "Searching for zip disk ...nope".
> Because of the disk mentioning,i rebooted the machine with a zip disk in
> the drive nothing changed.
> I don't get what i'm doing wrong,so any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.

Well, It's nice to know which kernel your using ofcourse. But it's more
wise to compile the Parallel printer support as a module and the SCSI
low level drivers into the kernel.

It's not possible yet (in the 2.0.x kernels) to use Printer & ZIP100
drivers together.. I believe this options is not yet supported until
kernel 2.1.55 (but I may be wrong about this.)

I use the as well... it's a nice script... for mounting
your zip100 disks.

Do not forget to make the correct directory's (dosz and zip).....

Jelle Kalf

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