Re: OFFTOPIC: Regarding NT vs Linux ;The Doctor What ("
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 09:58:39 -0700

Telephone Game! Gerard Roudier said (on 10:00 AM 9/20/97 +0200):
->In my opinion, there is 4 categories of people who enjoy using NT.
->(1) STUPID people who are happy to lose about 50 % of the performances
-> due to the bad implementation of the O/S and its drivers.
->(2) People who have PARKINSON's desease and think that using a mouse
-> for interfacing an O/S can cure for.
->(3) People who want to always apply PARKINSON's law.
->(4) Bill lovers.

And people who run Apps that only work under NT. (i.e. 3dStudio Max)
And People who run Apps that only work under MS-WIN and choose NT as
the best
choice among evils. (Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter, etc.)


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