RE: safe file systems

Jordan Mendelson (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 12:28:12 -0400

On Wednesday, September 24, 1997 7:04 PM, Darin Johnson
[] wrote:
> > From: Rob Hagopian <>
> > The filesystem you're describing is called a "journaled" filesystem...
> > The system "journals" all writes, so that if an operation doesn't complete
> > (ie. in a crash), it can be "rolled back" (reversed) safely.
> I feel that a file system that was purposely designed to be safe would
> be safer than a journaled file system. You can still lose recent
> changes in a journaled file system if the machine crashes. A
> journaled file system will let writes get cached up, it doesn't write
> them right away (this makes it fast).

Are there any projects currently out there to bring such a filesystem (whether
journaled or not) to Linux? If my kernel crashes during inopportune times of a
boot, then very bad things tend to happen to my hard drive :)

I've learned however to commit all writes to my hard drive before trying
anything experimental. It helps keep my files intact.


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