last VGER snapshot before I run to Germany

David S. Miller (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 23:39:03 -0400

I'll return in the middle of next week, and probably will be caught up
with the onslaught of mail by that following weekend.

Anyways here goes, this does:

1) Arcnet fixes (merged in by Martin, fixes by David Woodhouse).

2) Numerous IPv6 bug fixes and merge of EUI-64 support (Alexey).

3) More fixes of minor blips on Intel due to mm_segment_t changes

4) Make netlink and IPv6 peacefully co-exist no matter which is
compiled as a module (me).

5) The usual set of PPC updates and fixes (Cort).

6) Trim SLAB cache more aggressively when low on memory (me).

7) Merge in of quad-precision floating point emulation on
sparc64 (Jakub).

8) Merge in of latest NCR53c8xxx driver from Gerard, mostly these
changes just allow the driver to work on big-endian platforms,
in particular PPC (Gerard, merged in by Cort).

9) Clean up and massaging of FDDI support, according to Jes FDDI
should work pretty well again (Jes).

10) Add support for AT_HWCAP and AT_PLATFORM flags in ELF binaries,
this is used by glibc-2.1.x snapshots to determine what hw
instructions the machine has and also perhaps to choose optimized
versions of libc routines based upon the cpu type (Richard).

11) Two liner fix to make quotas compile again (Philip Blundell,
hacked in from memory by me ;-).

12) EnterPrise X000 UltraSparc servers should detect serial controller
correctly again (me).

See the ChangeLog for more detailed information.

At the usual place, in the usual formats, as always ;-)

linux-2.1.56-VGER-CVS970924.tar.gz full source
patch-2.1.56-VGER-vanilla-CVS970924.gz against stock 2.1.56
patch-2.1.56-VGER-CVS970920-CVS970924.gz against previous snap

David "Sparc" Miller