Re: Kernel 2.0.31pre9 memory leak (or where did all the memory go?)

Chris Adams (
24 Sep 1997 18:19:30 GMT

Jon Lewis <> wrote:
>On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Daniel Ryde wrote:
>> Pre9 is not working properly. We have several machines running it and
>> after an amount of time (a couple of days) all the memory has vanished.
>> This is dial-in ppp/web/mail/shell servers whith average 10 simultanious
>From what I've read so far, there seems to be no common network device
>among people with this problem. Having multiple systems myself running
>pre9 with no apparent memory leak problem (IRC, mail/www/shell(SMP), news,
>multi-ether router, kernel compile and test box(SMP)) all with uptimes of
>1-2 weeks, I have to wonder what the deal is.
>Have the people seeing the leak patched up to pre9 or did you use the big
>pre9 tar.gz Linus uploaded? I've been using pre9 from the big tar. Are
>you all running with at least one IDE disk? My systems have SCSI only
>(some NCR-810, some Buslogic 946, some 948).

I used the full tar.gz from I use a "monolithic" kernel
with no modules. Here is a breakdown of the hardware/software on the
two machines:

Both have a Tyan 1562D dual CPU motherboard, 128MB parity memory (with
ECC mode turned on in the BIOS) and 3Com 3c590 ethernet cards. They are
all SCSI (no IDE).

Both are running sendmail 8.8.5 (news server is backup mail spooler),
gated R3_6Alpha_2 receiving OSPF routing updates (there are currently
about 60-70 routes), xntp 3.5f, and Apache. single Pentium 200, Adaptec 2940 (787x), DPT PM3224A (in
RAID0 mode). It is running INN 1.5.1sec2 with several bugfix and MMAP
patches. This system didn't last 2 days before it ran out of memory. dual Pentium 200, Adaptec 2940 (788x). It is a virtual web
server as well, with 23 aliases on eth0 (eth0:0 - eth0:22). This system
lasted about 2 days before it had to be rebooted because of no free RAM.

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