Re: slab needs more agressive trimming

Rauli Ruohonen (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:41:43 +0300

In voimax.lists.linux-kernel, Colin Plumb wrote:
>But every now and then it'll have bad luck in choosing the colour for
>a particularly popular page and a particular process's performance will
>be lousy. And if the page is popular, it's never going to get swapped
>out or otherwise moved, so it'll *stay* lousy as long as the process
>continues to run.

We currently have paging for unused pages, but how about recoloring a
popular page? If the page is extremely popular, it would be better to make
accessing it fast, even if it means that unpopular page access becomes slow.

Umm... The pages can be be recolored, right? :*)

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