Re: Kernel 2.0.31pre9 memory leak (or where did all the memory go?)

Daniel Ryde (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:33:53 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Jon Lewis wrote:
> From what I've read so far, there seems to be no common network device
> among people with this problem. Having multiple systems myself running
> pre9 with no apparent memory leak problem (IRC, mail/www/shell(SMP), news,
> multi-ether router, kernel compile and test box(SMP)) all with uptimes of
> 1-2 weeks, I have to wonder what the deal is.
> Have the people seeing the leak patched up to pre9 or did you use the big
> pre9 tar.gz Linus uploaded? I've been using pre9 from the big tar. Are
> you all running with at least one IDE disk? My systems have SCSI only
> (some NCR-810, some Buslogic 946, some 948).

I use the patch. It should not be any difference I suppose.
I can see a difference whith two machines that seems not to bee affected,
but these differ from the others in usage statistics:
machine 1: less shell/www/mail users, but same amount of ppp connections.
machine 2: no ppp connections, but same amount of shell/www/mail users.
It might be a time question though.

These machines don't use SCSI, just ordinar EIDE 1.2Gb.

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