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24 Sep 1997 06:58:55 GMT

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By author: Erik Andersen <>
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> Oops. Looks like I mis-understood what you meant. Sorry. If there
> really is no "Device does not implement this functionality that should
> normally be supported by this type of device" type of error
> message in errno.h (I'm still at work so I can't check), then you could
> submit a request to the libc folks to get something added to errno.h. I
> know David VanLeewen got ENOMEDIUM and EMEDIUMTYPE added to errno.h just
> because adding them was the right thing to do. Now, cdrom.c returns
> them when appropriate. If ENODEV truly means "No device", then getting a
> new error code added to libc would be appropriate.

ENODEV is what a device driver should return when the physical device
is not present, for example, /dev/ttyS3 on a machine with only two
serial ports. It is thus truly "no such device".


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