Re: Error in /proc/pcibus patch

Christopher Horn (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 20:21:57 -0400

Stephen Williams wrote:
> Yikes! I goofed. Got a bit overzealous getting rid of test prints.
> Better patch follows. Please toss the previous version.

This raises an interesting question, as you made it a configurable
option. I wonder if some of the other /proc stuff should also be
configurable or not... like the /proc/tty or /proc/scsi interfaces.

Along similar lines, I've thought about making some of the compile time
limits configurable in a similar manner. Like the maximum number of
tasks, maximum number of files a task can have open, etc...

You may want to start a /proc/bus tree for system bus information. Can
move /proc/mca into it. Just to keep like things logically grouped,
although the RS/6000 are the only machines I know of with both
architectures in them and Linux isn't running on them yet.