Re: Deleting the current directory, V2.1.54

Richard B. Johnson (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 23:55:01 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 13 Sep 1997, Rogier Wolff wrote:
> Telling random people they don't know how to write code, and don't
> even know yourself how Unix is supposed to work. Jee.

This is uncalled for and I take it as a personal offense.

> By the way, it is bad practise to Email as "root". For one, it shows
> you're a newby. (newby's like to brag "look, look, I'm root on my own
> machine!") If you resent being called "newby", I'll quote you:

The root account is used to prevent me from being spammed. Most automatic
spammers filter "postmaster", "root", and other known "system" accounts.
Hardly a newby. I've been at this same job for 15 years and installed
the first "Unix" machines at this facility when everybody was running
VAX/VMS. Sorry. Ultrix doesn't qualify as Unix. I guess the Suns (190 of
them) where the first. Further, since this is an Engineering Company,
everybody has access to their root account(s). Even with my VAXen, most
everybody knew what the SYSTEM password was. They had to. We make
Array Processors, Data acquisition systems, Hardware convolvers, etc.,
which interface to Suns, SGI, and in the distant past Digital VAX

FYI we also provide source code to our customers which include some
pretty critical companies which make equipment for the Medical Industry.
If we provided, even as a hack, test code of the referenced nature, we
would lose our certification. This would mean that our customers would
have to perform a line-by-line code review or else their equipment could
not be used in the Medical Industry.

You only have to ask yourself if you would allow your child to undergo
a computer-controlled surgical procedure using software of the referenced
kind. Then you will know where I am coming from.

> > If this new behavior is okay, it could result in some problems for
> > new-bee Linux users. They could get "lost" as programs running in
> > certain default directories could have their file operations fail
> > for no apparent reason as some other task removed that directory
> > and then recreated it.
> Yes, the behaviour is OK, and yes you got "lost". You qualify as
> a newby.

This behavior is unique. Again I note that you are not being civil.

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