TCP Messages
Fri, 12 Sep 97 09:19:42 GMT

I'm running 2.1.29 on a pentium and every so often I receive
this mesages on the console: tcp_do_sendmsg1: EPIPE dude
I was going to upgrade to 2.1.47 once, so gcc, ld, libc and all
the requirements were met, but I decided to stay with 2.1.29, a
very stable kernel, because I had to use my box as an email
Any ideas? Know where this is in the kernel source? I had that
tcpv4 bad checksum error that was recently complained about and
commented that part of the source code out (drivers/net/ipv4/tcp.c I think)
and everything worked fine and no annoying console msgs...

Christopher Endsley
(415) 439-7370